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About Firmware 7.0.5

Hello bro,
I have hundreds of Fortigates to version 6.4.8, in recent weeks I have always waited to bring them to 7.x (in particular to the latest 7.0.5). What do you advise me not having, at the moment, particular problems?
I only brought the Fortianalyzer to 7.x and I must say that it works very well and has solved some "reports" problems that were sometimes completely empty, without any data. Thank you all.

Marco Spada

Hi Marco,

It is recommended to check the release notes and the known issues of the version where you are looking to move to.

You can check that and verify if that matches your day-to-day requirements then refrain from upgrading there and wait for that known issue to get resolved.


If everything looks good, then go for it.

Jay sharma

In addition to Jay's update - if you check the release notes and find known issues mentioned where you're not sure if they might pose an issue to your environment or not, you can open a support ticket and request some additional details on the known issues, such as  if they are device-specific or have specific conditions to be triggered.

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