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ASK - Setting 2 ISPs with own-DNS

Hello there,


I use FG60D (and will upgrade to FG60F).


I have 2 ISPs and each of them has its own DNS.

ISPs use manual configuration (given Manual IP settings).

I've setting Static route for each WAN port to their gateway.


the problem, I only found 1 setting for DNS.

1. how to setting DNS for each ISP?

2. I want to use dynamic DNS service provided by Fortigate.

I know how to assign via CLI, but how to setting VPN Portal, different ISP, redirect to different Tunnel?


thank you


Hi Papapuff, 


If you do not want to use your ISP provider DNS servers, first you must ensure that you within the Network > DNS Settings you have the "Use FortiGuard Servers" option below set. Alternatively if you want to use an alternate DNS server select specify and enter as necessary.  


DNS FortiGuard.png


Although the DNS setting is configured you will want to ensure that the "set dns-server-override disable" is disabled for each of your WAN interfaces this will ensure that the FortiGuard DNS is being used rather than the provided ISP DNS servers. Again, alternatively set to enable if you want to use your ISP provided DNS. 


DNS Override.png


Hope that makes sense. 




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