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I have downloaded the Trial Version of the FortiConverter product and I can't see the options for ASA or PIX in the source model, only IOS, XR and Nexus. I'm trying to convert an ASA to FortiGate/Manager. 


I've attached a screenshot. I've installed 5.3 from the website which seems to be the latest version. 


It did an ok job when I selected IOS but it didn't create VPNs or some other global objects. 


Any idea how I can get the two products to appear?




Tom Whiteley Infrastructure Engineer


Please see the 5.4.0 release notes for details on the changes,


I read the release notes; it hasn't helped solved my issue.  I checked my apps/features on Windows and it was FortiConverterSetup_5.4.0_Build0345 that I have installed so I expect to be able to see the ASA and PIX options. 


Tom Whiteley Infrastructure Engineer

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Obviously the ASA, PIX and FWSM conversions have been removed from the legacy application with FC release 5.4.

They can be found in the new browser based application only.