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Hi I've been tasked to get an automated alert when our installed certificates are due to expire on the FortiGates. We are running 6.0.3, and I have not been able to find a good way to get an alert "X Days" before the cert expires. Has anyone got a so...
Hi, I'd love to know if there was a way to query the FSSO Collector Agent database - it has a lot of yummy information about where users are logging in from, group membership, and gives me a good indication if a user is online or not at the moment. W...
Hi, My FortiAnalyser is creaking with too many logs being generated per day. We have "all logging" turned on a lot of policies which we can probably reduce to UTM logs only - but I'd like to have a report of which policies are creating the most amoun...
Hi, Does my FortiManager need access to the internet to gain any access to features that are dynamically populated like the updated OS's? If so please can someone let me know what services it needs to have access to so that I can poke the right holes...
Hi, I have been asked to see who had a certain IP address from an IP pool at a given date/time. I know the NAT'd IP address but I want to try and work out which device was issued it. We have FortiAnalyser but there's nothing in there from the "Source...