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See this here on FortiOS 6.4.7 with SSL inspection enabled since yesterday. 30. Sept 2021.Likely a server misconfiguration. More details in my post here: https://forum.fortinet.com/FindPost/199137
Hi guys, I'm just migrating an old Juniper ScreenOS Firewall to Fortigate. They used a nice feature of ScreenOS: filtering of DCE-RPC Calls based on the UUID of the remote procedure Fortinet Help says:You can define a security policy to permit all RP...
hello,I have FortiClient installed on 2 Windows Clients (Win7 and Win10, fully patched ) here. After installation of latest Java Update from Oracle, JDK/JRE 8.0.192,FortiClient reports hundreds of Vulnerabilities for this JDK as well as fo...
Hi Folks, is an import of pfSense configuration to FortiConverter possible ? We need to migrate a pfSense Firewall with about 200 Rules on 10 interfaces with more than 1000 objects...Anything would be helpful, even homebrew scripts or alpha versions ...
Hello, while 5.4 really looks good,I am missing an option to automatically expand the implicit address-and service groups named DM_INLINE... to their members. These are generated automatically by Cisco GUIs when an admin graphicallyadds more than one...
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