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API to find device inventory - from WAN

I have been following various posts (mainly &

I have found this works great is the query runs from the LAN, however I am looking to poll this from WAN1 which returns 0 results.

I am guessing this is actually querying the interface it is received on as it doesnt actually fail.

Can the inreface be queried as part of the API call ?


FYI this is on a 50e (6.2.16) and 60f (6.4.15)


Hello Rob,


Please check the following document for more information on API calls:

For a complete list of API calls, see the Fortinet Development Network (FNDN). A subscription is required to access the FNDN.

Raghuram Kumar
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Thank-you Raghu


On close inspection my original api query is working as expected (the issue was device detection was not enabled so was showing no results).

The documentation on FNDN is much more detailed though and has expanded what options and results are available too !

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The API documentation thoroughly to see if there are specific parameters or settings related to Photo call WAN1 querying? It's possible that adjusting the API call configuration could resolve this issue.

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