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Why I see the same MACs on both MCLAG switches?

Hi everybody, first time here.

I have situation like following and I would like to understand more.

Win server with 4 NICs teamed to Team1. 

2 NICs are connected to one fortiswitch, other 2 are connected to the second fortiswich
Fortiswitches are v7.2.5.
Switches are managed by HA fortigates and MCLAG is formed and verified. 
The question is: why I see 4 MACs on both switches? Is mac list synced between MCLAG switches? I have struggle to find in official documentation.

Thanks in advance! 


By definition the ICL (inter-chassis link that connects both switches) will be used to exchange control information and user traffic. Both switches are still part of the L2 broadcast domain and every MAC address should be learned. In case of link failure they should know how to switch packets. If you check the MAC table on the switches the MACs will be present but in different interfaces:
# diag switch mac-address list

- Emirjon
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