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8021x radius coa

Hi, I'm new with fortiap and fortigate. Does the fortigate/fortiap support a use case with 8021x and radius coa using an external radius server? Documentation of radius coa is refering to web portal use case. I appreciate any documentation or example.
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Good question, I know coa is a feature supported in fortios. Who has used it fot wireless clients is  been my knowledge. You should test it out and build a report  based on your finding.







PCNSE NSE StrongSwan

Yes, FortiGate WiFi Controller supports RADIUS CoA on WPA2-Enterprise SSID.

Please refer to:

Find "CoA" at the end of page 40.


Yes, it supports radius authentication to MS-svr NPS, using Fortigate wifi as controller on 5.6.4 i have done it before. , setting up Dynamic vlan too. U will only see one SSID being broadcast, but  the vlan assignment will be done by the NPS server.




config wireless-controller vap edit "wifiVLAN 20" set vdom "root" set ssid "Wifi VL 20" set security wpa2-only-enterprise set auth radius set radius-server "nps" set local-bridging enable set schedule "always" set dynamic-vlan enable set alias vlan20" next



config user radius edit "RSSO Agent" set rsso enable set rsso-radius-response enable set rsso-validate-request-secret enable set rsso-secret ENC E9cLZfDJ+NyCHq7IvmcOb3Q1m6euYfq2CXoENBpcdYVG5G27NW8oFBSr4wFS0/DFlb7ZtlC7QrllvbCMKCbgEH/cOP/D3fS7CO8rtys6nb9ppLdoS7S4T7tgWFVZhe9+SQE6puM/Q75Frc48FRlgGV4mgYA3fX5uBS9D7zr4VTf3zsVQ0r+XSlu8ujeklpz1PVwKCg== set rsso-endpoint-attribute User-Name set rsso-context-timeout 0 set rsso-flush-ip-session enable next edit "NPS" set server "" set secret ENC lhVTxUfCx+hCufi1DUq8tMKSykHrkjDZXdAPf5XbM7ROdKtE7YI0g7Q+HLe8Nc86IaBDrtSX9qGX5q4gSZWP81VQpsrvtC6GhdHD3Ql6N3tzfF+GCQ2CvPwL9rbiS3nXp+qOm99DdH5x6eSJANHLtKPPk+H2Dm8AmjXgrl/NPPxmnCc0c7+RiYrJ/NuOtSEhvr/xnw== set auth-type ms_chap_v2 config accounting-server edit 1 set status enable set server "" set secret ENC N6LJ9Fk+OV17pWRsJtK4QU/UyaSzbUyBGPuOA/p6VREY3jrV0BHiSrcRrnxUPbwCPfLQLM+0LPve9MLuYmz5+PHz5Qq1NylKr/hTZ36M5Mdrl+gnJBrw7+Kqr5PvpRcKZxPJYR0GHSvNzM3lXoBBkJ0j15A9Mk/IZLjx1dXni/GHN2xpLj4GoapjVyLaa/cbyTMS0w== next end next end


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