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60F - Elevated SPU Usage. Should I be concerned?

My setup doesn't have any IDS or anything complex enabled;

WAN1 -> ISP (IPv4/IPv6, gigabit with low traffic (just checked, most in the last 12 hours was 30mbit/s for about a minute) 

NAT is configured for IPv4/IPv6 to the devices connected to the 60F

IDS, AV etc are all disabled - This is a replacement for an Edgerouter product


SPU usage seems to be elevated and sometimes hit 70%.


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Although I'm still not completely understanding the definitions of SPU offloading and nTurbo (IPS engine related?) offloading, I can tell one thing: those numbers are percentages of the total sessions at the time. So basically higher is better, like 90%. It's not percentage of the SPU/nTurbo capacity.