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60D 100% System CPU

Hi All,


New to the forum, need help with a strange issue with a 60D.  The CPU is constantly at 100% used by the system processor,  "Diag Sys top" doesn't show anything useful, Please see the attached screenshot.   The only change that happened was that Forticare, Including AntiVirus and Mobile Malware licenses got expired and I'm not planning to renew them.   

I even hard reset the firewall and Soon after the reboot, same issue.  Any help in the right direction would be great.







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where do you see 100% cpu if diagnose sys top isn't showing that?


do you see anything in the event log related to process crashes or such?

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@boneyard,  Sorry for the late reply. As you can see below,  System is taking 100% CPU, But  in the detailed breakdown now of the top processes utilizing any note worthy CPU resources.  Also nothing in the logs related to process crashes or anything related. 

This is after hard resetting the 60D, Only connected via USB console cable.  



0U, 0N, 100S, 0I; 1838T, 1483F newcli 397 R 0.5 0.9 fsd 107 S 0.3 0.6 telnetd 395 S 0.1 0.6 cmdbsvr 38 S 0.0 1.6 pyfcgid 349 S 0.0 1.6 pyfcgid 345 S 0.0 1.5 pyfcgid 347 S 0.0 1.5 pyfcgid 348 S 0.0 1.5 httpsd 116 S 0.0 1.4 httpsd 117 S 0.0 1.4 httpsd 60 S 0.0 1.2 cw_acd 101 S 0.0 1.2 ipshelper 86 S < 0.0 1.2 httpsd 115 S 0.0 1.2 miglogd 55 S 0.0 1.0 forticron 73 S 0.0 1.0 newcli 396 S 0.0 0.9 fgfmd 100 S 0.0 0.9 cu_acd 104 S 0.0 0.8 authd 76 S 0.0 0.7
















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is it possible there is a lot of traffic going through the system? perhaps because of a loop or such?


and do you see the high cpu also on the CLI? like get system performance stat


beyond that i can't really think of a reason for this. opening a support ticket is always a good idea.



diag sys top will not give you any information, except that system utilization is 99% or 100% in your case. Indeed, it only shows 'user space  processes'. Run 'get sys performance status' in global to see what are the CPU that are used, and CPS, CCS, and traffic throughput going through 

Best regards, Benoit


Frequent culprit in such unexplainable CPU peaks is unaccounted traffic passing the Fortigate or destined at the Fortigate. I have seen such cases when client's Fortigate was under DDoS attack, or excessive packet flooding due to network loops, or aggressive SNMP pooling...


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