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60C - Dual 100 ISP

What is the best way to configure the utilization of dual 100MB ISP' s with failover? set both for same weight? set guaranteed bandwidth? any experiences? also need to failover all traffic to working wan when one is down. anyone have experience with this setup?
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What version of code are you running? If 5.2 you can create a virtual WAN link. Otherwise, you can do ECMP (equal cost multipathing) and give them the same weight and set the dead peer detection to know if one goes down (as well as spillover for load balancing or failover)
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I am running latest 5.2.1. I will look into the Virtual WAN Link. Would love to do spillover with failover. is that possible?
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Yes, you can do spill over and fail over via the dead peer detection settings in the Fortigate. The virtual WAN link is very nifty
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Have you tried spillover but need to prioritize wan1 over wan2?


when i try spillover with the following value

wan1 = 20MB

wan2 = 80MB


all traffic are traversing 80MB first instead of 20MB.


Can configure it in the static route because if you configure virtual wan, you need to configure static route with wan-load-balance as an interface.


We need to test the capability of wan1 that is why we have to set it as priority.


Need help.






Hi Raquel,


You'll also want to look at the ordering of the interfaces. Spillover will only go between a higher-ordered and a lower-ordered interface. For instance, on my FortiGate 60C, if I enter 'show system interface', DMZ appears first, followed by WAN2, then by WAN1. I could not enable ECMP spillover balancing from WAN1 to WAN2, since WAN2 appears first in the list - only from WAN2 to WAN1.


It may mean you'll need to re-architect your topology (move addresses, policies, and routes) to favor WAN2, in order to spill over to WAN1 based on the threshold you set for the primary link's bandwidth.

Regards, Chris McMullan Fortinet Ottawa

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