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so I have two ISP' s one 150, and one 100 I would like to do spillover with failover so I create a virtual wan with two WAN links and gateways with spillover thresholds and health link for both on next route hop I create one route to virtual wan link...
I was wondering if anyone had any cool third party tools they use with the FortiGate products? I love the fortiexplorer app for iphones and ipads. I also saw a program that would make a clean report of the running config. anyone have others?
Has anyone used a third party tool to create a report of the system config of there fortigates? I have seen some software on the internet and thought it might come in handy, especially if you could do delta reports or something.
I am new to the FortiManager device and was wondering what the best way everyone learned the device? was there one of the classes from FortiNet or good cookbook they used?
when enabled, I know this is supposed to handoff clients when one is maxed out. What are the defaults for this, and is there any sort of best practice number it should be at to work effectively?