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6.2 split-task VDOM

I looked for any posts related to this 6.2 new feature [] but couldn't find any. So decided to post this.


If you decide to enable split-task vdom (via GUI for higher models or via CLI "config system global/set vdom-mode split-vdom"), just be careful what would happen to the config you already have in "root".

When I tried it with my test 60E via CLI, it gave me a warning after hitting "end":

Some settings (e.g., firewall policy/object, security profile, wifi/switch controller, user, device, dashboard) in vdom "root" will be deleted, a split-task vdom "FG-traffic" will be created, and you will be logged out for the operation to take effect. Do you want to continue? (y/n)y


But, when it's done I realized it deleted all VPN config because it was in "root" before and now "root" vdom can't have VPN config while all interfaces bound to "root" stay in "root". So you need to manually move some of interfaces unrelated to management connection to the new "FG-traffic" vdom and rebuild all config you lost at this traffic vdom.


So, unless you start this split-vdom from the beginning, it's not so practical to convert a production no-vdom unit to it.

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