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6.0.10 is out!

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I upgraded my 60F three days ago. I using BGP, OSPF, many VPN tunnels, SSLVPN, many VLANS, seucirty policies (IPS, Webfiltering, WAF, App control). Everything looks ok, no issues for now. 

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We upgraded our FG200E last weekend.  So far, so good.  No problems noticed.  We do have a fairly simple configuration though.

I have been hanging out to get v6.0.10 because it has a Bugfix in it for the problem which was causing RDP sessions over a FortiClient SSL VPN connection to keep dropping out.

Can confirm that the bugfix indeed works.  No dropouts since upgrading.

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No problems so far (only 4 days).  Memory use has stayed stable.  Some longer times on DNS resolutions, but that is almost always just due to Fortiguard, the actual DNS servers used, Chromium, etc.

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Upgraded a 200D yesterday from 6.0.9 to 6.0.10

Immediately saw cpu and memory usage is lower than on 6.0.9


There are quite a few fixes for SSL vpn issues, so will be interested to see if some of the problems we have seen on 6.0.9 are now fixed or at least improved.




Note to those upgrading from 5.6 to 6.0 range.


After upgrade you may find that the public IP address of the Fortigate is pingable from any source.

There is a change in 6.0 so that trusted hosts no longer controls this behaviour.


You will need to create a local-in policy to allow pings to only trusted hosts.


refer to the following KB document:



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