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5.2.4 WanOpt GUI



Is it possible to display on GUI Wan & Opt menu?





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I put in a ticket about this as we use wanopt on our 60D and 111Cs. According to tac, you can no longer configure wanopt through the gui and it cannot be enabled. All config and diagnostics must be done through the CLI now. Really frustrating as there is no mention about it in the release notes for 5.2.4 and the feature matrix shows wanopt is available on those devices. This change really makes wanopt undesirable for us as it is much harder to troubleshoot wanopt issues in the cli vs gui.

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config log disk setting
set status {enable | disable}
BTW, you're not required to guess CLI commands. It's all documented in the "CLI Reference". This is not rocket science to look it up, or the wan opt commands.


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