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3G/4G USB Modem Compatibility

Hi, I would like to know, the compatible 3G/4G USB Modem with FortiWifi 40C. I was looking on the net, but I can' t find anything :( Could you help me? :)
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This may pertain to the FortiWifi 40C, however I' m not sure as we have the Fortigate 200D. But you may find this helpful. To answer your question, there is a command that you can run from the CLI that shows all approved 3g/4g modems. It is ' fnsysctl cat /etc/modem_list.conf' Please note that I was advised to be careful running these fnsysctl commands by Fortinet Support. I' m not very strong with Linux but this appears to be a config file that might open up an editor of some sort. So just copy/paste to notepad to avoid and config file changes. This will show you a list of modem that are compatible with the Fortigate. I was able to successfully get a 4g usb modem to connect with the following config in our 200D. This is working example with password and phone number scrubbed. Our provider is Verizon Wireless config system modem set status enable set network-init " AT+CGDCONT=1,IP,vzwinternet" set dial-on-demand enable set phone1 " *99***3#" set username1 " <PhoneNumber>" set passwd1 <password> set altmode disable end Everything above is exactly as it is in our Fortigate with exception of what is in the <>.
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How do you find the " password" ? I' ve also enabled the dashboard widget and can see my modem shows Connected with Valid Service... but I don' t see any interfaces up.. I' ve also enabled usb-wan and wimax-4g-usb in config sys global.. but that may not be correct... the widget showed my Verizon Pantech 290 as Connected and Valid service before putting your suggested changes into config sys modem and after.. so I' m missing something I think. btw.. I added all your settings accept for password because I' m not sure what it wants.. I can connect the USB modem to a laptop and using VZaccess connect without needing any PIN or password.

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go to the CLI and run: # diagnose fdsm modem-list Also the following KB article lists some of the supported modems on FortiOS v4. At the end of the KB there' s some instruction about how to download the list of supported modems, not sure if it' s still relevant on the latest version, though. Not at front of any of the devs, so can' t try, but good luck. Technical Note : 3G Wireless Modem Card Compatibility Matrix - FortiOS v3.0 and v4.0
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Thank you very much for your help. I found a suitable model. Best regards :)
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You can add as custom. CLI command following config system 3g-modem custom edit 1 set vendor-id " xxxx" set product-id " xxxx" set class-id " ff" next end
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You can watch now you see the modem with the following command. fnsysctl cat /proc/bus/usb/devices

Hello, I am wondering if anyone can provide some advise? I am looking at a 4G wireless backup option for our office internet. We have a Fortinet FortiWifi 40C firewall, and this has a USB port that apparently a 4G USB modem can be plugged into (and used as a backup internet connection when our iinet goes down). I ran this: fnsysctl cat /etc/modem_list.conf And it displayed this: 

dev=2001:7e19 driver=serial vendor="D-Link" model="DWM-221"

dev=2001:a401 msg=555342435b000000000000000001061e000000000000000000000000000000 vendor="D-Link" model="DWM-221"

dev=2001:a401 msg=555342435d000000000000000001061b000000020000000000000000000000 vendor="D-Link" model="DWM-221"

Which is this one :  Is it a case of me signing up with an internet provider offering a 'sim only 4G' service, that I then use the above USB dongle to plug into the fortinet to have backup up internet? Thank you for any help. Kind regards, Anthony

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USB modems are partially configured in the CLI.

To enable a 4G modem, set

config sys global

set use-usb-wan enableand then of course

config sys modem configure the modem.


Please be aware that this is not a 100 % guaranteed-to-work option. For testing, I'd get a prepaid SIM with some data volume and only after successfully using the 4G-wan port I'd buy a data SIM contract. For continued usage better avoid contracts based on data volume.


Usage is simple once you've got the 4G-wan port running: put the current wan port and the modem port into a "WAN load balancing port" (in v5.2) or configure ECMP on both, setting identical default routes but a lower priority on the modem port. This way, you can use the virtual port in policies regardless of the actually used wan port.



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Hello, Thank you so much for the advise - much appreciated :) Kind regards, Anthony

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