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221E broken firmware

Hi together,

we are a non-profit organization and have 3 of 9 FortiAP 221E broken after the PoE switch was rebooted during FW upgrade of the AP. It seems the APs have lost power during the upgrade and now do not come online anymore. They only show the power LED on with a short 1-time off-on flash every 15 seconds. The network port is not coming up anymore.

I already tried a factory reset by holding the reset button for 15 seconds while powering the AP with 12V, but this did not help.

Since they are all out of support, anyone has an idea what I can try to get them back to life? Sadly they don´t have a console port or so.


Thanks for any help!

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Try to contact Fortinet TAC staff opening a case.

Following your description, it smells like a possible RMA




/ Abel

regards / Abel

Echoing what the other contributor mentioned, please call TAC. You have lifetime warranty on these APs so even though you do not have support contract they should be able to provide RMA for hardware failure.

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I have bricked many AP recently. You have to follow upgrade path. Which is in release notes ONLY!

I have bricked many E gens with going from 6.0.x to 6.4.x or 7.0x...


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I managed to open a RMA case and will send the broken APs to Fortinet today. Fingers crossed! ;)
Thank you all for the tipps so far.

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