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I currently have 2 ISP's both dedicated with static IP's, one is wan1 and the other wan2. The problem I am having is that the SSL VPN with wan1 work great no problems, but I want users to access also VPN from wan2 and that the problem I am having, I set in SSL-> Settings and I have listen to Interfaces WAN1 and WAN2, I also see the IP's that they are listening, but when I try to enter with WAN2 no matter what account I get "Permission Denied".


When I go to WAN1 I can connect with no problem. It was working but I don't know what happen that is not working, any help is appreciate it.




Alert message itself "Permission Denied" is telling you it [FGT] can't locate any "matching" authentication info you have provided.

I assume this is sslvpn web mode access

did you check the vpn log entries in regards to these  "Permission Denied" access attempts ? verify sslvpn portal, and user group


since wan1 is working you may try replacing wan1 with wan2 interface, if its working after changes we can conclude some settings or steps is missing while configure wan2 sslvpn


you should backup config before do any changes


Technical Note: Firewall Policy check for SSL-VPN Web mode (portal):-


Good luck