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1240B to 1200D configuration conversion help



On a normal hardware change I would copy and past to text editor then find and replace interface differences. Some occasions there would be syntax differences if you can't upgrade the older box firmware and it would be a matter of changing things like 'edit' to 'set' or the order within a vpn.. done it.. I currently have an issue with replacing 1240B's 1stGen with 1200D's the 1240's are on v4.3.18 'the highest for that hardware' and the 1200's can't go below v5.0.12.. finding huge differences in syntax so far around DLP and Webfilter were an Integer is introduced and 'Edit' is now 'Set' that part can change but increasing Integer is needed..



config webfilter urlfilter     edit 3         set comment "Internet URL Filter"             config entries                 edit ""                     set action block                 next                 edit ""                     set action block                 next                 edit ""                     set action block                 next                 edit "*"                 next                 edit "*"                     set action block                     set type wildcard                 next                 edit ""                     set action block                 next --------------------------------------------------

v5.2.7 this is expected


config webfilter content edit <entry_number> set    name <list_str>    set   comment <comment_str>   config entries       edit <content_str>       set        action {block | exempt}           set            lang {cyrillic | french | japanese | korean | simch              | spanish | thai | trach | western}          set          pattern-type {regexp | wildcard}          set          score <score_int>         set         status {enable | disable}     end end    

other than a box that would allow me to upgrade the config from 4.3 to 5.2 would be ideal.. cloud based or otherwise..

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..


thank you


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1240B can go to 5.2.x


Have you access to ?

Regards, Paulo Raponi

Regards, Paulo Raponi



yes I do thanks.. the problem is deeper than that the 1240B's have bottled it on upgrade attempts to v5.0 many goes with Fortinet involved directly with the client on this.. heavily used box. Fortinet sent them 2ndGen box's and I suppose I could try upgrading through those that are not used then taking that config and upgrading the 1200D's..


I'm afraid there might be routing issues that the old v4 boxes accepted but won't on the 2Generation boxes.. of which I wasn't involve in..




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