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VPN connection not working after update to Ubuntu 22.04



I've been using FortiClient VPN on Ubuntu 20.04 and have no problems. 

Last week I have installed Ubuntu 22.04 from scratch and have several issues connecting to company VPN. 


Today I've manage to connect to company VPN but no `bytes received` has to come.

Screenshot from 2022-06-04 21-25-27.png

Logs shows, that some routes are failed to add:
e.g. [sslvpn:DEBG] route:475 Failed add route: addr XX.X.X.X netmask gw XX.X.XXX.X dev vpn
this command fails several times.


Could someone help me with this?


Also sometimes connecion is not established and have this error in logs: [sslvpn:DEBG] main:1457 exception: Backup routing table failed



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Hello, thank's to @Anthony_E  i was able to find solution.

I made changes described here:




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Maybe it is AppArmor striking you?
I once had an isse with strongswan not setting the DNS servers because AppArmor didn't allow it to write to the resolve.conf.

Maybe something similar is happening here?

I don't run ssl vpn nor forticlient on ubuntu (hence the linux version still lacks any ipsec support) so I cannot verfiy nor test it.


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