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NAT overload

Hi all,

let me know one single public IP how many internal IP can handle.



In theory, 1 public IP can be used to for 65535 connections. Because it is limited with number of ports.

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Just to add to this, you will get to the point where you will get a "NAT port exhaustion" message on the firewall due to the amount of connections if you exceed that amount. You will then have to create a NAT pool of IPs and change your policies accordingly to that new NAT pool.

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If, by any chance, you come from the Palo Alto background, where there exists Dynamic Ports Hide NAT oversubscription, then there is no such tricks employed in Fortigate world. 

I was sure oversubscription is not used in Fortigates, but seems it actually is  - 


"This is because the tuple (NAT_srcip, NAT_srcport, destip, destport) is different, the destip changes, so the srcport randomly chosen can be the same, it will not generate a session clash message.

The fact that a tuple difference allows to reuse the same NAT src port, permits the firewall to have more than 65K sessions with only one public IP used for SNAT."

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