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Exchange 2016 relaying



I have a Fortimail appliance that currently relays mail for my Lotus servers.


I have built two new Exchange servers as part of a migration project.

On these Exchange servers I have configured a Send connect to point to the Fortimail IP and the scoping is *


On the Fortimail on the Access Control tab I have added my two Exchange servers.


Now I can telnet on port 25 from my Exchange to Fortimail.


But I cant send mail from Exchange externally, after a time I get the following bounce back message - returned '550 4.4.7 QUEUE.Expired; message expired in unreachable destination queue. Reason: A matching connector cannot be found to route the external recipient'


Any ideas ??




See anything in the logs on the Fortimail? (History or Mail event logs) then does a PCAP on the Fortimail show the connections from the Exchange servers?


Nothing in the history logs.

The mail event logs only show mail in from my external address to the company. 


Am I missing a setting on the Fortimail ? 

Can Fortimail accept mail from two different mail platforms at the same time ?

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under domain & user -> domain


I have my smtp domain name and the SMTP server is one of the Lotus servers, do I need to replicate this for each of my Exchange servers with their IP's ?