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Email 2FA Token

Is email token 2FA only meant to be used for internal users on the email server set up in the firewall?  We want to have a couple users use their external email address e.g. gmail etc to receive the email token code, but the email never comes.  The internal email server is Exchange 2016 and users using those email addresses work and receive their token.  Is this by design or am I missing something?

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Have you checked your SMTP settings?  I would guess there is an issue with the forwarding in Exchange or with SMTP being allowed outbound from your firewall.


Seems like a firewall issue.  The auth code email never even gets to our exchange server if I use an external email address, but if I change it back to one of our hosted domain email addresses in exchange it comes through immediately. 


Well if you aren't getting the email at the Exchange server then it sounds to me like you don't have the SMTP settings right in the FortiGate.  Though I'm not sure why it would work for internal email addresses if not.


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