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wifi bridge slow

Hi. I have a 90D and 2 x 221C WAPs. I put this in " local bridge" so that the wired and wireless could be on the same subnet. Ever since I did this the wireless to a certain IP (outside) is slow. Wired is not slow at all. All UTM is disabled currently. Very few policy rules...and no traffic shaping. Any ideas? I should say the certain IP is going through a direct route via static route to another router in the building. Thanks.
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Hi clwolf, what is meant by slow... what is the overall speed - to wired clients connected to the fortigate from the FGT wifi - the speed to other routed targets, e. g. default routed traffic. is there a significant difference?
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Hi what version your are using? Update to at least last 5.2.1 FAP version b0216. In the release notes are mentioned some bridge stuff. Because I do not know what you are using on FGT please look that the version on the FGT is working with the FAP version. If you are using new release 5.2.x on FGT upgrade to 5.2.1! hope this helps have fun Andrea
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I am also having performance issues with FAP, but not to a particular IP(s). When I check the ping to gateway, it' s more than 2000ms and lot of time out also there. I am using 5.2.1 in both Controller &FAP221B.
Nihas [\b]

could you telnet to the ap and post the dmesg output when the ping is slow? It can log ping request/ reply with timestamp, and give some hints on issues. You maybe need to enable telnet login for this FOrtiAP on the controller side' s WTP config. The slow issues reported in here are all related to local bridge mode SSID?
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need to examine the configuration. Please give the following command set ip-fragment-preventing icmp-unreachable tcp-mss-adjust