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when Forticlient VPN will accept newer version of TLS ?

Simple question.


What exact version are you looking for?  I assume you mean FortiClient SSL VPN?  What version of FortiOS are you running?  What version of FortiClient are you using?


Hello Adam.

I have the FortiClient Endpoint Management Server, and my clients running with the FortiClient 7.2.3.
Maybe a simple situation.

My network(firewall) are from UniFi, and I have configured a OPENVPN server.
Which allows me to download a config file.
Which works perfectly fine with the OPENVPN client app.

The Forticlient app do not allow upload a config file, so I have to create the connction profile manually (OK, no problem, I can do that), but when I try to connect the VPN I kept receiveing:

Failed to establish the VPN connection. This may be caused by a mismatch in the TLS version. Please check the TLS version settings in the Advanced of the Internet options. (-5029)
The support said it is because TLS 1 wasn´t enabled on my computer.

As far as I know, that is an old version therefore we souldn´t being using.

Eventhough I hav enabled it, rebooted and still not working .. :)


Why are you using FortiClient to establish a VPN to a Ubiquiti firewall?  Why not use the native OpenVPN client?  FortiClient only supports SSL VPNs to FortiGates.


Because I have it installed in all computers once it plays the role of antivirus, with this plus to have a VPN app on it.
I can do that you said, but it will be another app running on the computer.



"SSL-VPN" is not standardized in any way, each vendor's implementation should be assumed incompatible with others unless explicitly stated otherwise.

FortiClient supports only Fortinet's SSL-VPN implementation, no others.

[ corrections always welcome ]

This will never work.  Why not switch to a FortiGate instead of the Ubiquiti?  You will be much better served from a pure firewall prospective as well.


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