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what happen if I change ip address of Security fabric connection port that manage Forti APs

Hi all, I would like to know what I need to do when I change ip address on the port.

My FW Fortigate 300E has ip address ""  in "Lan" software switch and port 1 is joining. 

Security fabric connection is enabled on this software switch and APs are managed via port 1. (APs have 172.16.0.x)


If I change this port ip address to e.g., can Fortigate FW keep managing Forti APs?

Also, can APs keep configuration such as assigned SSID and profile?


Thank you


It depends in the way the APs are configured to discover the WLC:

1(static) → 2(dhcp) → 3(dns) → 7(fortiapcloud) → 5(multicast) → 6(broadcast)

Depending on the discovery method you have to make the appropriate changes in advance. If nothing is configured most probably they are  using method 5 or 6 they will automatically discover again the new IP of the WLC. 
More details shown here:

- Emirjon
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