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viewing cameras remotely

I have a few old DVRs that still use port forwarding to access. I can see them all without any issues, on any device. But once I'm in my office, on the Fortigate 60 LAN I can't see any of them. Internet and everything appears to be working fine. I'm access them with ICMS software using a static I.P. and port 9000. Everything works if i don't use the LAN. I'm stumped on this.

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Hello Jared8609


The problem only occurs when you try to access cameras connected directly to the firewall, right?

Have you checked the logs > system events section in your firewall?


Make sure if you have any information when accessing the cameras in the firewall logs, such as blocking or even a lack of route/port released.


I forgot to mention the DVRs are at different locations with static I.P.s. So my issue is going from  PC>switch>fortigate>ISP~ISP>Router>DVR. Couldn't find anything in the logs


I strongly suggest to check debug and traffic flow as well as packet capture to see if there is any blocking on Fortigate.

Reference :

diag sniffer packet any "host X.X.X.X and port 9000" 6 0 a

diag debug reset
diag debug disable
diag debug flow filter clear
diag debug flow filter addr X.X.X.X
diag debug flow filter port 9000
diag debug flow show iprope enable
diag debug flow show function enable
diag debug flow trace start 999
diag debug enable

Also, on firewall policy enable logging for all session (Log Allowed Traffic = Enable/All Sessions) and then check Forward Traffic Logs (Log & Report > Forward Traffic) if there is any blocked/denied traffic.

Best Regards,

Arnold Dimailig
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