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users moving between AP



i have fgt 300d 5.2.11 with 5 FortiAP connected as local bridge with single SSID, my issue is that when users move between offices they dont get the closest FortiAP signal, am not that expert in wifi so am not sure is it an option i have to configure or its a bug in the system.


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I’m not sure what would cause this but I am curious to know. In FortiOS 5.6.5 their is a setting on the SSID configuration page I think that appears to relate to handoffs between FortiAP’s.

Some settings within the FortiAP Profiles menu in the GUI can influence this, you can set the radio power to Auto (helps with channel overlapping if you have a lot of APs) and AP Handoff (the AP will move a client once the signal reaches a certain signal strength (you can customize the signal strength setting when this handoff occurs in CLI, reference AP handoff in CLI help docs) from what I remember.  Frequency handoff also pushes clients to the less used frequency to balance load (doesn't help with your exact issue but can help with congestion).  Let me know if either helps.