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I hope self-promotion isn't frowned upon and, if it is, feel free to remove this thread.


I've been working on a tool over the past few years and have just updated it to the latest version. It's aimed to help people capture packets, run debugs and (eventually) perform other tasks such as configuring interfaces, routes, high-availability and the like. It supports Fortinet "diag sniffer packet", "diag debug flow", tcpdump and other vendors as well. All you have to do is fill out the options and it builds your commands for you which you can then copy and paste to your device. It's written in flat HTML/JS/CSS so you can download it and run it offline without the need of external libraries or an Internet connection.


I'm posting this in the hopes that people will find it useful and maybe get some feedback from the community. If you use it, let me know if you find it handy, what you'd like to see improved and if you have any other suggestions. I'm not the best programmer and I have "real life" to deal with as well but I do take user feedback seriously and do my best to make improvements. :)


You can find it here: and the development version at if you want to keep an eye on what's coming up.




Sean (Gr@ve_Rose)

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Hello Grave


I saw you work

Realy good job !!!

Best Regards


If all else fails, use the force !

-------------------------------------------- If all else fails, use the force !
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Thanks for the kinds words, @jklapas :) I hope you and others find it helpful. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve it or what you may like to see added in the future.




Sean (Gr@ve_Rose)

Site: Twitter: Reddit: Discord:

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