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setup FortiGate Firewall with Mikrotik Router.

Hello for all..
So I have CCR2004 Mikrotik router in my LAN Network, and this Router have a firewall rules on it (its the default firewall rules).
After I added a server to My network, now I want to apply a FortiGate 60f device in my network, and actually I don't want this firewall to act as a router ( I mean I already have a powerful Mikrotik device as a router), so in this scenario what can I do ..?
I mean how can I connect the FortiGate device with the router and other switches so the FortiGate do its job as normal.
I really don't have any experience in applying the FortiGate in any network before.
So any advise well be so appreciated.



I would suggest considering placing your FGT before Mikrotik, and adjust your firewall policies on FGT.

Then, send all traffic to Mikrotik which could act as default route to your FGT.


If you have several segments, and all routes are in the Mikrotik, then you should consider making your FGT in multi-vdom,

Network Segment_1 <> FGT_VDOM-Seg1 <> Microtik_Port1  <-----> Microtick_Port2 <> FGT_VDOM_Seg_2 <> Network Segment_2


Maybe other colleagues will respond to you with another ideas.


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