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set hostname doesn't allow period / dot / .

I have a few Fortinet Fortigate 1500D running v5.4.4 and noticed they won't allow "long hostnames" with .'s


I can use a short hostname, followed by setting a multi level domain with .'s, but the problem is Network Management software discovers the hostname only (i.e. I end up with multiple devices named only vpn1 )  I have other software that categorizes based on a FQDN which also look for data separated by dots in the FQDN.  Has anyone found a work around that allows dots in the hostname?






Hostnames on Fortigate can be up to 35 characters long and really only accept hyphens and underscores as far as special characters are concerned.


Can your network management software not refer to Fortigate by IP address instead?

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