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recover HA cluster password?

I have a HA cluster working in production in a remote location but am unsure of the cluster password. Is there a way to recover the password without interrupting normal operation? Regards,
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Can' t you just cut-paste it from the cfg from the set password " string" with HA config? Remember, you don' t need a password for HA clustering to work, but it' s advisable to use one, if you have more than 1 HA clusters on the same wire. You can always re-key ( change) the password if required on a active cluster.




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Having a different Password is not that important. Having different groups " group-id" is very important, as group-id is used in calculationg the virtual mac, so two clusters with same group-id -> same virtual mac.. this is pretty bad. Back to TS post: copying the encrypted string from one to the other should work, or you can set it to something new on both boxes.. AFAIK there is no recovery method (for either user PWs/VPN PSKs aso)

Thanks for both your answers. I was worried that if I changed the password it would only be applied to the primary unit - but it makes sense that this can be done when the units are working together. So no need to recover the password, just change it. I had already incremented the group-id for the second cluster, but useful reminder that this is critical when the clusters share a network (which they do). Thanks again.

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