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"Secure message notification - Pull" is not signed



I want to configure an Encryption Profile. When I choose Protocol S/MIME, it's possible to choose Action "Encrypt and Sign". When I choose Protocol IBE and Access method Pull the Default Action is always Encrypt and it's not possible to choose anything and the "Secure message notification - Pull Mails" aren't signed. This is not nice. Many recipients are confused when they get the mail and don't want to click on a link. And they are not able to proof if the mail is really okay.


Exists any workaround the sign the Pull-Mails?


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I use Fortimail 6.4.4.

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My Fortinet Partner sent a feature request, but Fortinet doesn't think that this is an important feature. We should customize the mail as our Corporate Design. 


I think, this is not secure because every user is able to copy our Coporate Design. 

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