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problem with automation: script stopped due to running time has reached the limit

I am trying to automate the backup with automation-stitches.

the problem is that the comand does not get executed.

if i look into the logs i see that the stitch got triggered correctly but the next log is:

script autod.13 stopped due to the running time has reached the limit

autod.13 is not the name i gave the script, i called it auto-backup, and the number goes up every time the stitch gets triggered.

and the next log is

User delete the result of script autod.14 from autod


if i execute the backup comand per hand it works without problem, even if i send a bash comand over ssh to the firewall it works but when i use automation i always get the running time limit log.


i need it over automation for the backup when a config change happens. I am not the only one working on it and having to send a message form the forti to somewhere else for that message to trigger the bash comand over ssh back to the forti is way to complicated for anyone who comes after me. and i have other FortiGates where it works without problem.


how can i increase the run time limit, i could just ad it before the backup comand und reset it afterwards, or is there a different way to solve this problem.

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Could you solve it? I have the exact same issue, but no solution here :(((

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