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Hello everyone :)We have a Forti 200F Firewall cluster (HA A/P). It has two uplinks interfaces which are already combined in a zone. The downlink interface is an 802.3ad aggregate with two (X3&X4) members and several layer 3 vlan subinterfaces config...
Am I the only one who is really unhappy with the 35 character limit at firewall rule names? We have different vendors and always on the FortiGates I have to think how I can shorten the rule name.... I doubt Fortinet is changing this soon?
Hey guys, so this looks like a bug but maybe someone has an idea... :)We have a FortiGate-1500D version 7.2.7 with VDOMs enabled. I created an automation task to do a backup via tftp. The backup executes the following CLI script:config globalexecute ...
Hello fellow Fortinet people. We have a new Fortigate Cluster (AP) with VDOMs enabled (our first Cluster with VDOM config). Now of course we want to monitore both firewalls seperately. Until now we always used the IP addresses of the dedicated manage...
Hi guys, I am trying to configure the automatic tftp backup on our new 100F Forti. I followed a guide how to do the configuration but according to the syslog the process always gets somehow stopped and deleted by the autoscript. When I execute the co...
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