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policy routing


"policy routing" can be applied with multicast addresses (destination addresses)

I have already applied  to my configuration firewall multicast-policies, should I apply policy routing as well  to force the traffic to a specific outgoing interface ? Sometime the defined multicast policy do not always move traffic to the "dstintf" I have defined.





Are you talking about multicast forwarding or multicast routing?


Hello Adrian, thank you for you reply 

I intend multicast routing , in short the RPF (reverse path forwarding ) used from PIM protocol show ( get router info multicast pim dense-mode tables 239.x.x.x ) often the incoming interface and outgoing interface are not the same  and not the interface I required. I wish to avoid asymmetric routing . I have applied all static routing but nothing . I dont know how can I blind the protocol to use always the same interface for inbound and outbond. I wanted to use policy routing but I believe is valid only for unicast.


with cisco I could resolve in this manner:

You can either change the unicast routing table in order to satisfy this requirement or you can add a static mroute to force multicast to RPF out a particular interface, regardless of what the unicast routing table states. Add a static mroute:

ip mroute

Does it exist in fortigate and equivament command as ip moute? 

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