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ping restriction to IP

Hi all, 

I have IP pool setup for my internet. However I am in the need to have the IP pingable from certain public host for monitoring. How can I have the IP pool pingable. I have create a firewall rule but didn't seem to have make it work. Any suggestion? 

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Can you share how the rule is configured?



I don't think FortiOS will do proxy arp for a source NAT pool. If you need this functionality you might try to add these addresses as secondary IPs of the WAN interface. They are pingable but not automatically used as source addresses for outbound traffic. Maybe the combination of both will do the trick.

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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!


You should be able to create a VIP object for the same address as your IP pool and use it as the destination in a firewall rule where ECHO is the only service allowed.  This has always worked for can ping because I wanted something I could reliably ping to see if my WAN was up when I was not in the office.


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