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no 802.1x (NAC) on ethernet port of FortiAP 421?

Hello community,

we are looking into a NAC solution (wired ethernet standard 802.1x authentication ... usual deal).


However, i can't get the older ForitAP 421E (with latest sw 6.4.9) to talk with our switches.

Via CLI it seems the command is not there:

FortiAP-421E # cfg -a WAN_1X_ENABLE=1
Invalid name [WAN_1X_ENABLE]


I can configure the seetings via a Fortigate acting as WLAN controller (802.1X authentication in FortiAP profile) - but they do not have any effect. I sniffed the traffic from the AP, there are no EAP message sent.


The same works with a newer FortiAP 431F.

Could it be that wired NAC is not supported on the 421E?? 


Thanks for any hint,



I have the same model in the lab and it looks like enabling dot1x in the AP's uplink port is not supported for this firmware/model. This command that should list all the configuration doesn't contain any configuration related to it:

cfg -sall - list effective/all variables

This feature is mentioned only on later versions of firmware 7.x.

- Emirjon
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