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multiple Dial-Up VPNs with OSPF stubs

Hi guys,

I was looking for a solution for connecting multiple Dial-Up Fortigates to the HQ using a single VPN-Interface on the HQ-Site with OSPF and almost found it here:

But my problem is that they just use OSPF Area for all dial-ups. For stubs I need to add different networks but as I only have the one interface tunnel-ip, I am concerned that this is not gonna work.

Am I missing something?


Best Regards


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Dear Raffael,


A better way to configure this is throu BGP and not OSPF. You can use route map in order to select which networks you want to advertise to your neighbors.


Best Regards

Orestis Nikolaidis

Network Engineer/IT Administrator

Orestis Nikolaidis Network Engineer/IT Administrator

In either way, BGP or OSPF, you need to tweak "net-device" related config. I don't have any "dialup" VPNs in all our FGTs so I don't know exactly how to configure. Refer to the doc below:;documentID=FD41498


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