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When i create a vpn user i have to set a password. Is there a way to let user change this password?
I need to use ssl certificates for some of my subdomains, so i bought a domain certificate with unlimited subdomains. I need to use this certificate for my fortigate's vpn portal, for my fortimail encryption portal and some other portals of other dev...
My scenario2 VIPs1. x.x.x.x --> mx = smtp.domaina.com 2. z.z.z.z --> mx = smtp.domainb.comI have configured my firewall to NAT traffic to port 25 to Fortimail so the incoming mails to be checked from fortimail. Also i configured fortimail to forward ...
I receive a lot of SMTP Auth Failures at my exchange server and i would like to block them at the firewall using IPS. I tried fortinet's signature for smtp login brute force but i can not see any logs or any traffic denied by the policy. Is anyone wh...
I have a weird problem. I configured a SSL VPN for LDAP users, using my ldap local server. At ldap configurtion, at Common Name Identifier, i set sAMAcountName so users have to use their windows logon name to login to vpn portal. I have a domain acco...
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