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mgmt port gw

Dear All,



On my fortigate I have a mgmt interface with ip in vlan10, which is also the reserved HA management interface and here in HA there is a gateway for this:  If I work from the ip and administer the HA cluster from this ip, and I add a static route for this subnet via in vlan20 then is it right that:

a) local management traffic from to the mgmt interface remains undisturbed and flow backwards via the HA gateway

b) while all forwarded traffice whic is not local to the mgmt interface and has ip destination in the subnet will be change and use the new gateway in vlan20 ? thank you very much



you can check the routing table using 'get router info routing-table all' and then confirm your assumptions.

If you are not sure, copy/paste the output of the commands in the thread.

Best regards Benoit


I don't want to try it in a production environment.

The routing table doesn't include any info about the gateway included in the HA section. Also I can not find it in any policy routing. I'm not sure when it is used and why not shown in the routing table, but I feel it is only for management interface local traffic (so traffic originated from the management interface with its ip address as a source ip, maybe).

Can somebody tell give me little explanation?


thank you for answering me