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Dear All, I would like to know if during the hello-holddown's 'hello state' there is forwarding traffic, or it only happens after this timer reaches the working state. (the name 'working' suggests there is no forwarding (only ha) before it and it mea...
Dear All, On my fortigate I have a mgmt interface with ip in vlan10, which is also the reserved HA management interface and here in HA there is a gateway for this: If I work from the ip and administer the HA clu...
Dear All, Is there any way to use dnat without a vip? I have the following situation:clients pc --- fortigate ---- other device --- |_ would like to achieve:a) - A client with ip if want to go to dst: t...
Dear All, A would like to ask if you can see the following in a session (redis in state, and no_ofld_reason: redir-to-av), is that means the traffic is redirected to antivirus feature? state=redir local may_dirty src-vis nlbmisc=0 policy_id=480 auth_...
Dear All, I would like to ask what is the relationship between the local-in-policy and the dedicated management interface? For example if my mgmt interface has allowaccess ssh, https for a trusted host, is a "deny src_ip=all dst_ip=mgmt_ip (or just d...