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(ipsec VPN) FortiClient cannot use the other lan resources (RDP, Share Files and Print)

Suddenly users connected to IPSEC VPN cannot rdp or access the network files and don't have internet connection. Nothing was changed in the configuration of anything i can think of. I already disable enable the ipsecvpn but still the rdp is not connecting. Weird thing is you can ping the IP of the PC on the office LAN.


HomeUsers can connect to FortiCLIENT vpn and can ping their PC in the office but they dont have internet and cannot access thier files and rdp thier Office PC. I didn't enable the split tunnel but i have a policy for the IPSECVPN to LAN and to WAN.


Thank you for the post.

Kindly look into the policy if you have enabled ALL services.
You need to have one more policy for the vpn to the wan so that the users will get the internet connection when connected to the forticlient.


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