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how to block spams received from various subdomain(with different IP) of

Hi Experts,


Found that the 4 spam emails I received have similar header info as below:

the hops shown look like :

Received: from ( by ….

Received: from ( by ...

Received: from ( by ...

Received: from ( by ...


senders look like:

From: DHL Express<>

From: Outlook! Voice <>

From: Ems<>

From: DHL Express


my question: seems spams use different fake sender addresses, I can't block spam using sender email address, so how to use other ways to block spam like these, how about the FortiGate -Black white list  and IP/Netmask? 

will FortiGate check all the IP addresses found in the header of SMTP email against the specified IP address black/white list, if the IP of any hops matched by the blacklist, will the email be blocked? 


what I need to achieve is to block as much spam as possible with better ways to do it.


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks and regards,