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how to allow the logs pass from the fortigate to the server

hey help me plz I want to send Syslog logs of my router to the elk server in the internal interface of my FortiGate I configured the Syslog in the router, I configure a policy rule in my FortiGate and I configured filebeat in the elk server but didn't work I don't receive the Syslog logs how can I follow the Syslog logs from my router to see the problem where?294766800_562538495424875_9082956238751245529_n.png


Hi @Firasbg ,

Thank you for the diagram.
From what i understand , the traffic is from to 192.168.37.x(server).
This policy should be From WAN > LAN.

You may verify the connectivity 1st.
Ping from router to the server. It is working

Are you able to telnet the server port? 

-From router

-From same segment

If from same segment itself is not working, most probably server is blocking. Example: endpoint control,  Windows firewall.

Let me know your finding 1st, then i will assist further to verify the traffic on Fortigate.