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help to VPN between FGT & cisco

I set VPN between FGT v6.4 & Cisco2911

on FW display phase1 done but phase2 down

so when I check event VPN, result is phase 1 error

On cisco, status is UP-IDLE

for some reason, I had to hide the information 

look forward to the help


RT config.pngshow crypto RT.pngnetwork.pngauthen.pngphase-1.pngphase-2.pngVPN event.pngdiag FW.png








Hi @quynhln8 ,

Have you run the command below as previously suggested? Have you spotted any mismatch?

diagnose vpn ike log-filter dst-addr4 <remote-peer-IP>
diagnose debug application ike -1
diagnose debug console timestamp enable
diagnose debug enable


Note: Starting from FortiOS 7.4.1, the 'diagnose vpn ike log-filter dst-addr4' command has been changed to 'diagnose vpn ike log filter rem-addr4'.

If you can, please paste its output here. If you cannot paste it, I would suggest you to open a ticket with our support so this issue can be properly investigated.

Best regards,

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Hi @quynhln8,


It shows that they have different phase2-selectors; kindly match their phase2-selector and do not add it at once as the SPI will be different.


Kindly see this document for further information.

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tks every one, it's already working


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