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help Vpn configuration

Hi I have recently been working on firewalls and I would like to know how to do what I am writing to you: from the internal network a client of mine connects to a site where he has to download jre and launch a jnlp file and everything works. Login appears. The customer would like that even from Vpn any user who accesses this site obtains the same information as when connecting from within his network, that is to download jre and download and launch jnlp files. I tried to connect my notebook through hot spots, I tried to enter the site but it gives me different information (rightly) than what you connect from the outside. I probably need to create a policy or something. can someone help me and understand how to do? kind regards. 

this photo is what appears when I connect from the inside and I would like it to appear when I connect from the outside in vpn


this photo is what appears when I connect from the outside in vpn.





Do you mean, when users connect to the VPN, the first thing they should see is that specific web page ? 


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