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fortimail sizing

Dear Folks,


Currently, I am doing a POC with a customer running on FML VM16 in Gateway mode. FML is running for a couple of days already and doing its job. Is there a way in FML Dashboard or Mail Statistics relevant info that could tell the appropriate model we could offer to a customer? Based on the FML data sheet VM 16 could handle Email Routing around 875K. We don't our proposal might be overkill to the customer or become underspecification.


The customer has an existing Zimbra email server that offers better reports based on the received and delivered on a per-hour basis. Aside from that it can display as well Top 50 domains with sent and received counts.


Appreciate it if somebody could point me in the right direction in assisting with customer sizing guide inquiry.

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Sizing the appropriate FortiMail model for your customer requires a careful analysis of their current email traffic patterns, projected growth, and specific features they need. While the FortiMail VM16 datasheet provides a general guideline on the capacity, it's essential to look at the real-world usage to make an accurate recommendation.

Here's how you might approach this:

### 1. **Analyze Mail Statistics and Logs**
- **FortiMail Dashboard**: Check the dashboard and mail statistics for information on the volume of emails processed, spam detected, and other key metrics. This will give you an idea of the current load.
- **Log Files**: Analyzing the FortiMail log files can provide more detailed information on email traffic patterns.

### 2. **Compare with Customer’s Existing Solution**
- **Zimbra Reports**: Compare the statistics from the FortiMail system with the reports generated by the customer's existing Zimbra email server. This will help you understand how the FortiMail system is performing in comparison and what specific metrics are important to the customer.

### 3. **Consider Future Growth**
- **Projected Growth**: Ask the customer about their expected growth in email traffic. Consider not only the number of emails but also the number of users, domains, and any new services or features they plan to implement.
- **Scalability**: Choose a model that can handle not only the current load but also the projected growth.

### 4. **Consult Fortinet Resources**
- **Fortinet Sales and Support**: Fortinet’s sales and support teams have experience in sizing FortiMail deployments and can provide assistance tailored to your customer's specific situation.
- **Fortinet Sizing Guides**: Fortinet may have specific sizing guides or tools that can help you choose the right model based on the customer's needs.

### 5. **Consider Custom Features and Requirements**
- **Security and Compliance**: Consider any specific security or compliance requirements that the customer may have.
- **Integration with Other Systems**: Think about how FortiMail will integrate with other systems, such as the existing Zimbra server, and any specific features or customizations that may be required.

### Conclusion
Choosing the right FortiMail model is a balance between meeting the customer's current needs and providing room for growth, without overspending on unnecessary capacity. Careful analysis of the current usage, consultation with Fortinet, and consideration of the customer's specific requirements and future plans will help you make the right recommendation. Since FortiMail offers various models and flexible licensing, you should be able to find a solution that fits your customer's needs perfectly.

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