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fortigate = router/modem or not ?

Hi, I'm new user of Forti and I'am looking for few answer. I would know if the fortigate is also a modem or if I have to have a modem like linksys am200 for the internet connection. Sorry for my english I'm French. Regards.

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    Fortigate is a UTM Network security firewall, But it's have many features e,g routing,VPN and more and some models support modem inteface also. so you can use all features of fortigate as you want.


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In almost all situations you will need a modem (or an access router in bridged mode) to connect the FGT to the WAN. Fortigates have ethernet ports.


True, there are a few models with ADSL modem built-in but this is quite inflexible. There are no VDSL models for example.

There are a few (older) models with a PCMCIA slot for modem cards. Wireless connectivity for 3G/4G networks (GSM/UMTS/LTE) can be established via USB port plus external modem.


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Ok thank you very much for your quick explications.

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