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forticlient vpn connected but no network access

I have downloaded forticlient and connected through vpn but in the ethernet status there is "no network access". As a result i cannot connect with Remote Desktop Protocol. Any idea? Here is a photo.

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Did you create a policy for allowing traffic from VPN to the pc you need to get RDP?

Orestis Nikolaidis

Network Engineer/IT Administrator

Orestis Nikolaidis Network Engineer/IT Administrator
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Hello orani and thank you very much for your reply. No i didn't create a policy from the vpn to the pc, i want to connect to my work's pc and i have already connected with rdp through browser. I downloaded and installed forticlient to connect through Windows' Remote Desktop Protocol and not use my browser. Forticlient is connected to the server but i cannot connect through Remote Desktop Protocol.  Do i need to create a policy? I attach another image where you can see that forticlient is connected. Thank you again for you help.

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